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Since 2003 ACS Data Recovery has been providing hard drive recovery and RAID data recovery services to customers all over the world. We pride ourselves on providing the best, most personalized recover service possible, and we treat each case with equal care. You won’t get lost in the shuffle, you will have access and be able to communicate with the technician working on your recovery at all times.

Nationwide Data Recovery Services

With labs located in Texas and Florida, we can help you get your data recovered no matter where you are located in the United States.  We have received storage devices from all over the world.  It may be difficult to find a reputable data recovery company that is local to you, and if your data is critical, you absolutely must use a good data recovery company.  Keep in mind, we are just one day away via UPS or FedEx and shipping your device to us is safe and easy.  And we never charge an evaluation fee and there are no attempt fees in most cases.

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If you need hard drive repair and data recovery, call 1-800-717-8974

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