DriveSavers Data Recovery vs. ACS Data Recovery

DriveSavers was founded in 1985 by Scott Gaidano and Jay Hagan. DriveSavers is one of the oldest data recovery companies in existence today.  They have a vast network of resellers, mostly computer repair and IT support companies who refer data recovery work to them.  DriveSavers is known for some of the incredible data recovery work they’ve done with extremely challenging cases.  In fact, a portion of their website is dedicated to their Museum of Bizarre Disk-Asters.

So how does ACS Data Recovery stack up against DriveSavers? When it comes to abilities and the technology used to recover data and repair hard drives we are easily on equal ground.  ACS utilizes much of the same imaging equipment and software.

DriveSavers Prices

DriveSavers charges a bit more for data recovery than we do, and they tend to give a broad range quote, even when a mechanical problem is obvious in the description given over the phone.

In one example, we called DriveSavers on March 23, 2015 and spoke with a representative by the name of Trent to ask for pricing on a 2TB Seagate hard drive that had been dropped approximately 2 feet to a hardwood floor. Our caller confirmed that the drive was clicking and buzzing after the fall occurred. We were given a price range of $700 to $2,700.  When pressed further, the customer service rep at DriveSavers did confirm that based on our issue it was most likely a mechanical problem and would be closer to the upper end of the price spectrum of $2,700.

We then shopped again on March 31, 2015.  We received a similar quote but this time it was for a 1TB Western Digital hard drive that was clicking, so a smaller drive with a less obvious failure (being that there could potentially be firmware or electronic issues) and it was also quoted at a range of $700 to $2,700.

So cost wise we are able to give our customers a much more probable cost of recovery before they even ship the drive to us.

DriveSavers Review

In all, we hear nothing but good things about DriveSavers for the most part.  Their representative on the phone seemed courteous and knowledgeable.  If for some reason we are unable to recover data for a client, we actually have no problem referring them to DriveSavers for a second opinion.