Fast Data Recovery

Expedited Data Recovery Services For All Media Types

Time is of the essence in many cases, and at ACS Data Recovery we understand how important it is to get your data back as quickly as possible. Our fastest data recovery service is available through our Expedited Service plan. We offer some of the quickest turn around times in the industry and our Expedited data recovery service is guaranteed to be the quickest service available. When you need fast data recovery, it’s really the only choice.

Our Expedited Service level is for recovery work that needs to be completed as fast and as efficiently as possible. We have a proven track record of getting many expedited jobs recovered within 24 to 48 hours. In some cases we’ve actually received the damaged media, recovered it and shipped it back all in less than 24 hours.

The exact time frame for expedited service can’t be guaranteed, because there are a number of factors that influence the time required:

  • The extent of the damage to the hard drive. Some recoveries require more than one attempt.
  • The speed at which the drive can be imaged (this is beyond the control of anyone)
  • The amount of data that needs to be recovered. (a million plus large files are going to take days to retrieve and transfer)
  • Availability of parts. Some obscure hard drive models may require more time to find an exact match
  • For RAID arrays, the number of drives, RAID level, drive failures and the amount of data have a huge impact on recovery time
  • What recovery efforts have already been attempted. If you’ve had other work done to the drive it could impede our ability to get the recovery completed quickly.

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Even though expedited service cannot guarantee a time of completion, it does guarantee you the fastest possible recovery time. When you need fast data recovery, this is the option to choose. Your media won’t be waiting in line behind any other jobs. It will have it’s own dedicated imaging station. It will also have it’s own dedicated recovery server. We have the capacity to work on up to 60 jobs simultaneously. If all our recovery servers and imagers are occupied, we keep 15 more in reserve that only handle expedited jobs. So you are guaranteed to have your recovery in progress and working as soon as we receive it.

For expedited data recovery, we work nights, weekends, holidays, you name it…until the job is done. If we know the drive is going to finish imaging at 3:30am, then we will make sure to have someone in the lab at that moment to transfer the device to the recovery server and start with the next phase.

We are dedicated to giving you the best possible customer service. We would be happy to explain more about our services, please feel free to discuss your needs with us by calling 1-800-717-8974.