Professional Photography Data Recovery

We provide data recovery services to professional photographers. Recover lost wedding and event photos when your storage media has failed.

Professional photographers have a lot on the line when it comes to the pictures they take and keeping them safe for their clients. One of the biggest sectors of our business comes from professional photographers.  A family photo shoot is one thing…if you lose those pictures…you can just schedule another shoot.  A wedding however, is much different.  We have had photographers that have seemed to do all the right things, and had backups of backups, but in strange twists of fate, they still ended up losing critical photographs.

One such case involved multiple backup drives and a server.  A redundant backup system was in place.  However, the office in which the studio was located suffered a brown out.  A small voltage irregularity within the power grid ended up overpowering the server and all of the backup drives. All of the client files were lost.

Recovery Services For Photographers

We are able to work on any type of storage device. Whether it’s a single hard drive, a multi-drive server or external hard drive, and even small portable flash devices.

In most cases what we typically receive from photographers are the small SD flash type storage media.  These are a bit trickier to work with in that we are limited as to what can be repaired.  If the chip itself that stores the data is damaged, there’s really nothing that we or anyone else can do, since those chips cannot be repaired in most cases.  If some of the surrounding components are damaged, such as some of the small diodes or other chips, then we can repair those and regain access to the files.