Data Recovery Costs

Data recovery services are not cheap, and like anything else, you get what you pay for. With that being said, we do our best to keep our prices reasonable and fair.  We exhaust every option to get your data back. That means going above and beyond to use every resource available.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Prices

Data recovery prices for hard drives are based on two different types of failures.  Logical recoveries are performed in situations where the drive is still physically operational, but the data is not accessible.  This can be due to file system damage, accidental formatting, etc.  Physical recoveries are performed on hard drives that have component failures, and require repair before the recovery process can be performed.

RAID Data Recovery Prices

We are one of the few companies that do not charge evaluation fees on RAID arrays.  However, we do charge attempt fees on RAID arrays made up of more than 4 drives.  The attempt fee in those cases is 25% of the recovery cost and is charged up front.

We never charge an evaluation fee, and in most cases there are no attempt fees if the data is unrecoverable.  In the table below, you will see prices for logical and physical recoveries.  Logical recoveries are cases where the hard drive is still working mechanically, but has an issue with the file system that prevents the data from being accessible.  Physical recoveries are those cases where the drive will need to have repairs made before the recovery process can begin.

Hard Drives Logical Recoveries Physical Recoveries*
Less Than 2TB $400 $1,200
2TB to 3TB $400 $1,400
4TB to 5TB $500 $1,900
6TB to 8TB+ $600+ $2000+

RAID Arrays**
RAID 0 or 1 $700 per drive VARIES
RAID 5 $800 per drive VARIES
RAID 6 $800 per drive VARIES

*For fire and flood damaged hard drives, prices can be much higher. Let us take a look at your drive first and we will give you a price after the evaluation.
**For other RAID types we can give you a custom quote once you’ve created your case in our ticket system and we have all of the details provided.

Additional Fees:

External storage devices for recovered data start at $49. The size and final cost depend on how much data is recovered.
Return Shipping:  $30 for UPS Ground / $59 for UPS Overnight.  We only ship via UPS.  

Create Your Data Recovery Case

By submitting the form and creating your case, you are acknowledging that you agree to and accept the Terms and Conditions of our data recovery services.  When you submit the form you will be issued a case number and receive shipping instructions.

All jobs are shipped to our lab. We are NOT a walk-in business with normal hours.

Please note…we only accept recovery work from customers based in the United States.


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